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I cannot access microsoft and symantec sites (at least) and I have run the microsoft removal tool and sophos removeal tool for conficker as well as visited Conficker Eye Chart which displays all the images. Any suggestions on what could be the problem?

EDIT: I found the solution but not the exact cause. The solution was to download Windows security essentials after seeing many people here suggesting it as a good free AV solution. The cause was a malware but since I discovered 4 of them I dont know which one caused this behaviour. None of them was CONFICKER though

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What happens when you try to access these sites ? – Iain Nov 23 '10 at 8:28
Maybe you are infected with something else. We need more information. – Moab Nov 24 '10 at 2:23

Conficker is not the only malware capable of blocking sites. Many skid ready malware (RATS) allow the user to block sites by editing the host files.

Take a look at them on your system and see if anything looks out of the order....You may be still infected with the malware I recommend scanning you computer with Malware Bytes to make sure your system is clean.

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Malware Bytes is an excellent malware-removal tool - it's a standard part of my toolkit. Most of the "FakeAV" malwares also block websites. – Jared Harley Mar 26 '11 at 3:17

What IP gives command "ping" and "ping" Can you check your hosts file ? what is in it ?

You did not tell your OS - but for latest windows you can use this guide

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