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I am trying to configure VMWare tools to work with the linux-virtual kernel, but every time I supply the headers path to vmware-config-tools, it rejects it. What should I do to configure it?

I am using the path:


But I get the rejection message:

The path "/lib/modules/2.6.35-23-virtual/build/include" is not valid.

It works with the generic version, so what am I doing wrong?

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Do you definitely have the headers installed? They are not installed automatically with the binary kernel builds. If not then it might be telling the truth and /lib/modules/2.6.35-23-virtual/build/include might not exist.

Assuming that you are running this kernel (double-check with uname -a) you can install the headers package with:

aptitude install linux-headers-`uname -r`
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I definitely have the headers installed (via the linux-headers-virtual package), and the path certainly exists (tested using ls). However, executing uname -r yields "2.6.35-23-generic". Could this be the issue? – Hosam Aly Nov 24 '10 at 10:53
Yes it could, if the VMWare build script is verifying the header versions. You are currently running "2.6.35-23-generic" rather than "2.6.35-23-virtual". If you have rebooted since installing the alternative kernel build you migth need to do so again and select it explicitly from the Grub boot menu. If the grub menu does not appear automatically, hold the shift key at the appropriate time in the boot process. – David Spillett Nov 24 '10 at 11:28

apt-get install linux-source-2.6.35-23-virtual should probably do it.

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Is there a specific reason why I need the source in addition to the headers? – Hosam Aly Nov 24 '10 at 10:30

While there is no reason to install the full source, since there is a persistent error it might be OK. Sometimes the folder exist but the script checks for some file there is not there. Rebooting it may help too.

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