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In the old days, I had a floppy with CHCKDSK and other tools for checking hard disk failures, repairing them and, if necessary, reformating them. I recently tried to reinstall XP on an old computer, but got errors related to the hard disk. The XP installation CD can't handle it, so I need something more powerful.

Anybody can advise on a set of live tools on a bootable CD-ROM for advanced disk management (checking, repairing, reformating in NTFS, partitioning,...) Especially the NTFS is bugging me.

I've checked this question, but the answer isn't what I'm looking for.

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Ultimate Boot CD can be gotten here:
does what you want and WAY more

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thx a lot, exactly what I looked for. – Joris Meys Nov 24 '10 at 11:47

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