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I have a slide containing text:

  1. This is a heading
    • this is a subheading
    • this is a subheading
  2. This is a heading
    • this ia a subheading
    • this is a subheading

When putting this slide on show, I would like to show only the headings 1. and 2. and keep the subheadings permanently hidden. How to achieve this? I need all of the text in handouts.

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This can be achieved using custom animation as follows

  • Select the 1st heading and its sub headings
  • Choose Add Effect -> Entrance -> Appear
  • Select just the sub-headings under heading 1
  • Choose Add Effect -> Exit -> Disappear
  • In the custom animation list right click on the the just added "disappear" items and choose "Start with Previous"


The custom animations will not effect the handouts so the sub-headings should print.

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Great, thanks!! – jiri Nov 25 '10 at 18:52

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