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I want to record the cricket from Five Live Sports Extra overnight so that I can listen to it tomorrow without a net connection.

I have installed get_iplayer (and mplayer and ffmpeg and lame).

I am having trouble understanding the manual.

I am using this command to record from Five Live (as Sports Extra is not broadcasting at this minute)

get_iplayer --liveradiomode realaudio2 --pid radio:bbc_radio_five_live --force

The --liveradiomode parameter is ignored, whatever I put there. get_iplayer attempts to download using flashaacstd1 before downloading using realaudio1... but this downloads a 16second message informing me that the RealAudio stream no longer works.

I am using get_iplayer version 2.66-1, as packaged in Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.

Edit: This command is working for me to record Five Live:

get_iplayer --liveradiomode flashaac --amode=wma1 --pid radio:bbc_radio_five_live

So, problem solved :-)

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Since you've solved your problem, write your answer as an answer rather than putting it in your question. This will make it easiers for others to find your solution. Also you can come back in two days (IIRC) and mark your answer as accepted. – Gilles Nov 25 '10 at 0:50
+1 q,+1 a,+1 comment always good to find ways to record bbc streams – therobyouknow Nov 26 '10 at 11:42
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This works:

get_iplayer --liveradiomode flashaac --amode=wma1 --pid radio:bbc_radio_five_live
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