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I'm looking to get a camera bag reader for SD/SDHC cards so that I can avoid having to plug the camera itself in to the computer.

I'm aware of the SanDisk MicroMate. My only concern with that one is that it's wide enough that if I wanted to use it at home I'd have to unplug the rest of my USB devices in order to create a slot large enough to plug it in. There's also this Kingston MobileLiteG2 but it looks it would suffer from similar problems.

I suppose I could always buy a short USB extension cable and plug them in that way.

For the holy grail of recommendations, a Firewire reader with native SDHC support would be amazing. Of course, I don't know if SDHC is fast enough to get any benefit from Firewire. Probably not. Still, I'd be able to chain devices together with a Firewire 400 device which I can't do with USB.

Thanks in advance!

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I would buy a short USB extension as you mentions. They are worth their eight in gold. i have one running from my box to just under the edge of my desk where i secured it with some screws.

I never have to go behind my box.

for a decent SD reader, i would look to amazon.

i have a few i cant really tell a difference

EDIT: actually check this out.

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