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Can you tell me a good pdf editor, which allow me full editing

How can I edit PDF files for free. I do not have good internet speed. I do not need any online editing software. I need a 100% free software / Utility.

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You'd get better answers if you were very specific about what editing tasks you need to accomplish. –  frabjous Nov 25 '10 at 14:48

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Don't know if it will fullfill your requirements but try Inkscape

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I just googled "Free PDF Editor" and this was the first result: http://www.freepdfeditor.net/ may be what you need!

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Let me google that for you! –  Joe Taylor Nov 25 '10 at 9:16

Try PDF-XChange Viewer.

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Already mentioned, Inkscape is a good suggestion for many tasks.

The AbiWord word processor (at least with all the import plugins installed) will import PDFs as Word Processing documents. There's a plugin for OpenOffice which does the same. These are free.

You didn't say what operating system you were using, but there's the linux program pdfedit which might help. (You could always run linux virtually or through a live CD if need be, though with old hardware you should consider switching over to linux completely.)

Depending on what kinds of edits you need, jPDFTweak might work.

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