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I gave my external hard drive to a friend using MacBook. She plugged in and accidentally used my ext. hard drive for Time Machine.

This is what happened, according to her (I don't use Mac so I dont really know):

  1. She plugged the ext. harddrive in.
  2. It shows some "Time Machine" dialog. She pressed "Erase". Takes about 3 minutes.
  3. Then it takes about 15 minutes to start backing up data from OSX to harddrive.

Now when I plugged the usb into my computer running windows, it shows nothing, no partition founded in Windows Explorer. Seems that all my data are lost.

Is there a way I can restore my hard drive?

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She killed the partition and probably overwrote some, perhaps all of your data with a backup of her data -- depending on her aborting the process, which you didn't mention. Try using one of the popular recovery tools to get some of your data back, such as here, here, or here.

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