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I found everything but the motherboard it uses.

Which one is it?

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First, looking at the product spec for the HP Pavilion dv7-2185dx on the HP site there is no mention of the motherboard, but the computer's product number is given as NV023UA#ABA.

So, if we take that product number to the HP PartsSurfer we find that the main board is only listed as a System board (motherboard) - UMA architecture, which isn't really helpful and is a very strong indication it is customised and/or proprietary to HP, but we can see that the motherboards HP Part number is 516294-001.

This still isn't really helpful in general; probably the only thing it really helps with is if you happen to need a replacement for the motherboard, but such is the nature of the custom/proprietary motherboards used in laptops / netbooks / etc.

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Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset

It seems that it is a PM45 Express chipset, Motherboard can be custom but it is the chipset which is important - so you download drivers accordingly.

the utility "Everest" can be useful in getting the MOBO / Chipset details.
Hope that helps

PM45 Express Chipset Overview

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It, like pretty much all laptop motherboards, is completely custom.

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I happen to have a HP DV7, and this is what dmidecode says:

Handle 0x0002, DMI type 2, 16 bytes
Base Board Information
    Manufacturer: Compal
    Product Name: 30F4
    Version: 99.55
    Serial Number: CND83522TN
    Asset Tag: Base Board Asset Tag
        Board is a hosting board
        Board is replaceable
    Location In Chassis: Base Board Chassis Location
    Chassis Handle: 0x0003
    Type: Motherboard
    Contained Object Handles: 0

And just for completion, here's the info about the product:

Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
    Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
    Product Name: HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC
    Version: F.0A
    Serial Number: CND83522TN
    UUID: 03C6105D-6F98-11DD-B035-001EECA609D4
    Wake-up Type: Power Switch
    SKU Number: FP903EA#ABD
    Family: 103C_5335KV

Compal is a Taiwanese company (making everything), the chassis is also made by Compal.

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