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I run a Sony HDTV to my VAIO laptop video and audio, works fine. Except it defaults to monitor order of 1-2 and resets after every boot or profound desktop change.

Can a Registry tweak be set to change the order to 2-1?

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I found this. It seems logical. Credit goes to Fleece per this thread....

My solution to this problem was to set this registry key carefully to value of "0" (zero)...


..., next fully uninstall the NVIDIA drivers and control software, and reboot with only the primary and desired #1 monitor connected. That reset the #2 monitor as #1 monitor. Then, reinstall the NVIDIA drivers and control software and setup second monitor. Problem solved.

Credit goes to this external forum post... Dual Display Numbering in Vista

This is assuming that you are using NVIDIA drivers. If this isn't the case, then Microsoft Answer's "Dual Display Numbering in Vista" thread has four other methods. Check it out.

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