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I switched to using OS X over a year ago and not being able to do some things with the keyboard, having to use the TouchPad on my MacBook Pro is just irritating. Like a tiny splinter in my finger every time I "bump" into a drop down dialog box in the browser that requires Submit or Cancel. In other pop-up windows, and just about ever other interface, I can use the keyboard to interact with the form or buttons. What is the keyboard interface for interacting with these browser drop-down panels? See the following screen capture: alt text

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System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts tab > enable Full Keyboard Access at the bottom as in the shot below:

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Any reason why this is not enabled by default? – Michael Prescott Nov 26 '10 at 4:19
Used to be up to 10.6 as far as I remember. I have no idea why the random decision to switch it off by default. P.S. space selects the border-highlighted option, enter the fully-highlighted one. Only the border-highlighted one changes via tab. – xorbyte Nov 26 '10 at 8:01
I don't ever remember it being enabled by default, though I may have just forgotten. In any case it is probably disabled by default to keep people from accidently confirming something they did not want to confirm. – penguirl Nov 26 '10 at 17:42

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