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I need to a folder into the ProgramData directory. Is there a way I can see it as unhidden?

If not, what's the command to move one folder (name_of_folder) into another (c:\ProgramData) in Windows Vista?


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You also ask "Is there a way I can see it as unhidden?" suppose it is c:\test\mydir and has the hidden attribute set, then the command attrib -h c:\test\mydir <-- will make that directory unhidden. (folders and directories are the same thing they just might've started calling them folders around hmm, maybe win9x time I guess. To be more end user friendly) – barlop Nov 26 '10 at 5:45

just open cmd.exe (Start -> write 'cmd.exe' and press Intro) and then type:

move source_dir destination
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+1 because of the detailed explanation – SubniC Nov 25 '10 at 11:05
If the folder names have spaces you'll need some quotation marks round each of the folder names. – Col Aug 13 '11 at 8:12

move myFolder c:\ProgramData

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If you haven’t enogh user rights you can call the cmd.exe this way, too.

Click Start -> enter cmd in the input field

then hold the keys STRG plus SHIFT and hit ENTER too.

Now the run as admin dialog pops up ;)

Now move name_of_folder c:\ProgramData has power.

P.S. STRG is the German name for CTRL key.

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