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I'm looking for a way of programatically ( from a batch file ) creating shortcuts to cmd ( or other command line utilities ).

This can be easily achieved using SHORTCUT.EXE ( found in ENVARS.EXE ), but I cannot specify parameters such as the font to be used by the console window, the background/font colour, or the maximum scrolling lines.

How can such customized shortcuts be created from within a script ?

I experienced random crashes with ENVARS.EXE's SHORTCUT.EXE, it seems this tool was built for Win95 and has issues on newer platforms. Instead, I used this tool, it has a very similar syntax, supports the same options and works well.

I'm now looking into Shellify, it seems to be more advanced and has a more standard way of specifying options. ( with dashes instead of / ). It does require .NET framework, though.

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Apparently, this is not possible.

I tried other tools, but all of them only support the standard options. Shellify seems to be the most capable shortcut tool, supporting many advanced settings, but it still lacks the option to set the attributes I'm looking for.

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You could try to examine the shortcut file with a hex editor and try to form such a file.

(You might have more succes on Stack Overflow)

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