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I have a Manhattan Barcode scanner Contact CCD Handheld 80mm scan width, USB. I have connected it to Windows 7 x64.

I managed to get it to scan several barcodes by configuring it to USB Mode. If I open up Notepad it scans and displays the barcodes correctly.

But when I set the cursor in a textbox in my browser (IE9 beta, Firefox 3.6 or Chrome 8.0 beta), it scans correctly but opens the download dialog afterwards.

This gets triggered by CTRL+J normally....

What did I do wrong? I tried several barcodes (Code128 and several others) and tried different browsers and Notepad. it works in Notepad but doesn't in the browsers...

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I had to set the terminator to CR instead of CR+LF which was the default

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I set terminator to None and it works fine.

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if you are using Chrome try this extension

just change the shortcut for Ctrl+ j

Works for me

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