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I have a Dell Studio XPS 1645 laptop, it has 1 microphone and 2 headphone jacks.

Problem is, one of the headphone jacks has became faulty and Windows thinks it's constantly in use, thus I can only have sound coming from the headphones and can't force it to come from the speakers.

Is there a way to disable the faulty jack only or force audio to come from speakers in Vista ?

Driver is: IDT High Definition CODEC.

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Have you tried blowing it out with compressed air? I have noticed that on hw some platforms I get gunk in the jack that causes a short placing it always in use.

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Can you go to the Playback tab on the Sound control panel item, select the Headphones, click Properties and choose Don't use this device (disable)?

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tried it, dosn't work, I think sound is still redirected to headphone jacks even tough "Independent (R.T.C) Headphones" device is disabled. – Gkris Nov 27 '10 at 19:28

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