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I was shopping the Microsoft Store for a copy of Word 2010. At the top of the page, they sell "Word 2010" for $139.99. At the bottom of the page they sell "Word Home and Student 2010" for $119.99. The details and product descriptions for both versions look exactly the same. There is a similar situation where "Home and Student" versions of Excel and PowerPoint are offered with no easily identifiable differences in features.

So what is the $20 difference between these two programs?

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The cheapest and best option the Office 2010 Home and Student. It is $120, the same price as the stand-alone Word Home and Student. That is if you plan on buying the Home and Student version of the Word stand-alone. The whole Home and Student suite will come with Power Point, OneNote, and Excel along with Word 2010. In-addition, it comes with one license/key that can be used to install on 3 different system with in the household. – SgtOJ Nov 28 '10 at 1:03
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I'm pretty sure the only difference is the license:

Office Home and Student 2010 is licensed only for non-commercial use by households. It cannot be used for any commercial, nonprofit, or revenue-generating activities, by schools or academic institutions, or by any government organization.

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This is correct. It has to do with the license. It you choose Home and Student then it is non-commercial. The other stand-alone is for commercial use. – SgtOJ Nov 28 '10 at 0:57

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