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Is X11 the default display server application on Mac OS X? If not, which app is?

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Quartz is the low-level graphics layer, and the WindowServer process manages windows on top of it. Both are Apple proprietary software.

From here:

Two interacting systems create and manage Cocoa windows. A window is created by the window server. The window server is a process that uses the internal window management portion of Quartz (the low-level drawing system) to draw, resize, hide, and move windows using Quartz graphics routines. The window server also detects user events (such as mouse clicks) and forwards them to applications.

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OSX (Server or standard) shows on the attached monitors using the Aqua layer in OSX. You can attach to the server from other machines using X11 apps or VNC/Apple remote to the server.

OSX does not have a separate app to display the screen as X11 does - any app can call calls through the Aqua layer to display on the scrren. See Apple's OSX architecture overview

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I mean, what is the app used to display graphics. In Unixes is X11 (usually). Other options are dfb and so on.. – Marcos Roriz Junior Nov 28 '10 at 14:26

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