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I am about to replace an ageing G4 PPC Mac Mini with the latest model and have a couple of thoughts on repurposing the old hardware; I'm looking for advice/recommendations as to the ideas being worthwhile - or should I just forget it and build a custom PC to suit my desires?

1. Video chat

For a long time I've wanted a small computer to use for video chat with family members across the world, that I can situate next to the HDTV and with a wireless keyboard/mouse so I can video chat from the couch. To me this would be a no-brainer for the Mini; however I vaguely remember a rumor about the Mini's DVI port not having all the signals required to drive a HDMI port. Is this true?

Any recommendations on the wireless keyboard?

2. Fileserver/Backup system

I am also looking for a home-wide fileserver and backup solution. The configuration I have been thinking about is a "box" attached to the Mini with a set of fixed disks configured as a RAID setup for handling file serving and media center duties. In the box I also want at least one drive bay for a removable hard drive so I can do backups of the RAID system and move them offsite.

So far I haven't found any single boxes that seems to fit those requirements and also plugs into firewire. I'm not too keen on plugging things into the Mini's USB ports other than keyboard/mouse. So I am looking for any recommendations in that department as well.

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I would recommend the Logitech diNovo Edge as a wireless keyboard.

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At you answered part of my question! – Peter M Dec 12 '10 at 2:01

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