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I have two dir-615 routers with dd-wrt, however I want to remove dd-wrt from one of them and reflash original firmware to this router. are there anything I need to do prior to this, or can I just upload the original firmware without anything special needs?

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Based on the dd-wrt website, be sure to perform a 30/30/30 hard reset before you do anything with the firmware.

To restore your original firmware, download it from the manufacturer's website. You should be able to just upload the original firmware after the 30/30/30 reset, but I would search/ask the dd-wrt forums to see if there are caveats for your particular router. Be careful, and good luck!

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thanks, This seem to be the correct way :) – Plastkort Nov 29 '10 at 7:14
This link shows you how to do it no need to do a 30/30/30 reset. – Dean May 13 '11 at 22:03

This process works for hardware rev C1 for sure, and probably for others as well:

  1. Download the latest firmware for the router from D-Link (e.g. here for US models).

  2. Set your PC's Ethernet adapter to use static IP address and netmask Connect your PC to a router LAN port.

  3. Activate the router's bootloader by pressing and holding the reset button until the power light continually blinks amber. (It will blink just a few times after holding for a couple seconds, but needs about 30 seconds to get to the continual blink.)

  4. Use Firefox to connect to and upload the firmware. The router reboots itself when flashing is complete.

    Note that with Internet Explorer, Chrome, curl, and likely others, the bootloader ignores the uploaded firmware and never responds to the HTTP request. (Fortunately, while only very old versions Internet Explorer don't trigger the bug in the bootloader's HTTP stack, all version of Firefox, including the latest, are compatible. See the OpenWrt DIR-615 caveat for details.)

  5. Set your PC's Ethernet adapter to use DHCP. After the router assigns it an IP address (so you know the router has finished booting), reset the router to factory default configuration by pressing and holding the reset button until the power light continually blinks amber again. Then power cycle the router.

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