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Whenever I try to create an account on the simulator or device, I get a message "game center account services are currently unavailable. Please try again later."

Furthermore, I have never been able to sign in to the game center app on the simulator.

Interestingly, if I reset my device with iTunes, I can then log in to the Game Center app with my regular apple id. But whenever if I log out, then try to create a sandbox account for an app I am developing, it always fails as described above.

Any suggestions?

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I see some people are voting to close this. I will say that it sure as hell leaves me stuck in my attempt to create my game center iOS app. I imagine other programmers have encountered the same problem. Additionally, per the faq, questions about software tools commonly used by developers are relevant, and the sandbox is such a tool. – William Jockusch Nov 26 '10 at 17:24
Did the two migrate voters even bother to read the question? – BoltClock Nov 27 '10 at 4:08

This is whatt is happening to me I want an answer to this problem

Though i am not a programmer i just want to play games with my friends

I have a post on this site keep looking at it to see if there is an answer

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The problem was caused by my router. If I turned off my firewall, everything worked. Hardly a viable long-term solution. Apple has instructions for fixing this with port forwarding. It turned out my router was too old to get those to work -- so I had to buy a newer router, then implement the port forwarding. That solved the problem.

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I've gotten this problem when the date on my iPhone 3GS is incorrect. The date seems to revert to January 1st, 1970 if I let the power drain completely. I can't connect to Game Center when the date is too far in the past.

The problem is, I always forget about this clock change problem (which also affects facebook login), and spend a while searching the Internet for answers before I remember the clock bug!

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