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I am doing a Software Update on my Mac and I would like to close its lid. But closing the lid lulls it to sleep and cuts off the Internet connection.

How do I prevent my MacBook Pro from sleeping when the lid is closed? The display should be turned off at least.

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The display can be turned off by decreasing the brightness all way down to zero. Additionally, the display can also be quickly turned off by pressing the key combination, Shift-Control-Eject (this is the Eject key on the top right, above the delete key on the MacBook keyboard). Closing the lid is not necessary.

I also use this Jiggler application to prevent my MacBook from sleeping when I have a big download to fetch and can't afford to sit in front of the laptop.

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What about when I need to close the lid - e.g. to stop kids/dogs/cats etc. messing with my laptop when I'm not there? – 5arx Jan 31 '11 at 13:01

I'm aware of a couple of programs that do what you're looking for:

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