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How to access the ext4 file system on Windows XP ?

I've tried the ex2explorer but I can't copy the files.

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Ext2Read supports EXT4 and can be used to view and copy files.

Available here

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You could run a Linux virtual machine on Windows and mount the ext4 drive on it and then put it on a network share where the host OS can read and write from it.

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coLinux works well for me for this purpose. – grawity Nov 29 '10 at 15:32
Thats a paranoid way of doing it !! – Barath Bushan Mar 31 '13 at 6:47

Are you using ex2explorer or ext2explore? I have used ext2explore with success. I have an XP system with a Wubi (10.10) install and have been able to "save" the files and entire directories. I just start it and then navigate to the Ubuntu directory and select the .disk file (I typically have 3 - root - home - usr -- some have just a root.disk which contains everything). I assume you really meant "save" and not "copy" as ext2explore does not have a "copy" command - as "save" is the "copy".

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