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I sometimes use a secondary monitor (extended display) and "forget" some windows on it. When I stop using it some windows are stuck on the secondary monitor.

I would like an option to "gather" all the windows on a monitor or, at least, to move a window to another monitor (perhaps by picking it from a list or by right clicking it's taskbar button etc).

Right now I am switching between projection modes (Win+P). Is there a simpler solution ?

Any help is appreciated, thank you for your time :-)

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You can use keyboard shortcuts for window management. Use Alt + Tab to select the window that you want to move and then press Win + Shift + Left/Right to move from one monitor to another.

You may also want to try out Win + Left/Right/Up/Down

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Tried it now, doesn't seem to work. – Headcrab Nov 30 '10 at 3:09
which one didn't work? are you using windows 7? – Gani Simsek Nov 30 '10 at 7:58
Doesn't work for me either. Win7 here. Maybe because the app in question is either minimized or fullscreen, but never a window. – Chaos_99 Jan 20 '14 at 15:19

Got a solution.

I had the same problem using a C compiler, everytime I run an application, its text window was opened in the wrong place (the extended monitor).

Switch to the 'lost' window. Use any means to make it appear (one of the recipes commented in this page).

Right click on the upper left corner of the window to open the menu, OR press ALT+SPACE.

Chose 'properties'. Search in the menu for 'let the system position the window'. Check the option.


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If you right click on the programs taskbar button you will get the option to 'move' the window (maybe you need to Shift + right click, I'm using a Linux computer at the moment).

Press the right (or left depending on were your windows are...) cursor button to move the window to your desktop.

Alternative: AltTab to the program, then AltSpace, press M, use cursors to bring the window to you.

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None of the above worked for me. What did work was:

Right-Click icon in taskbar (icon of application whose window is invisible).

Select Maximize (or Alt SPACE x via the keyboard).

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This was the ticket for me when I lost a window switching from a huge resolution in RDP to a tiny one in VNC – Sirens May 31 at 17:11

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