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I just opened Firefox and all of a sudden some sites have started showing Chinese characters. Refresh doesn't seem to help. Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Here's the screenshot:

shot of DiveIntoHTML5

It's showing the same way in Google Chrome.

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The web site (currently) appears to show a partial Chinese translation of the book, just like your screenshot.

I don't think this is a problem you can fix.

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Oh... thanks a lot Greg. – Prakhar Nov 29 '10 at 18:18

Go to Tools->Options->Content tab. Check your default font, then click Advanced on the Default Fone line and make sure you default encoding is correct (mine is Western ISO-88591-1).

Finally, and this may be whats messed up: in the Content tab at the bottom there is a Language section. Click the Choose button and make sure English/United States [en-us] is first. (or w/e your country is)

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Did what you told. Everything was its default value. Didn't help. Any other way? – Prakhar Nov 29 '10 at 18:11

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