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My plan is to add a automatic reply to all incoming emails for a exchange mailbox. I created a rule that would check all incoming and created the template reply. Created it so it would match a server rule so outlook would not have to be open.

If I send an email from my work account on the same exchange server, it works and sends the reply I created. With outlook open or closed.

However, when I send email from outside the company, (my personal email), it does not get a reply. What the heck is going on there?

I think the issue is within the selection of who the email is too. I have tried "only to me" "where my name is in TO or CC" as well as "sent to people or distribution list".

So any ideas of why this isn't working. I thought this question was a super user question as appose to server fault.

Thank you,

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Possible that the server is configured not to send replies outside the company? OK to your company mail but not non-company account?

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