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I often get emailed documents, which I have to print, initial and sign, scan, and email back. I would much rather just scan a copy of my signature (or crop one out of a signed, scanned document n archive), and keep that on hand. When I need to sign a document, I can just edit the document image and impose my initials and signature where required.

My vector and bitmap editors of choice are Expression Design 4 and Paint.NET on Windows 7. How would I go about adding my signature image to scanned documents, normally in *.tiff format, using these either or both of these editors?

This scenario still presents issues if I'm sent a document in a format like PDF, as I can't edit PDF in a bitmap editor. This brings me to my related question, Convert PDF and Word documents to TIFF images.

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You didn't say, but I take it neither of those editors support TIFF? – martineau Nov 30 '10 at 12:39

Using Gimp you can convert any PDF to an image file and edit it as you would any other bitmap. Just add your signature as a layer, set the blend to "multiply" or "darken" and you are done.

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I'm using Paint.NET, so I'll have to find an external or plugin conversion, but the rest of your answer looks solid, thanks. – ProfK Dec 1 '10 at 4:49

To sign PDFs with a scan of my signature I use the stamp function in PDF-XChange Viewer. There is a free version of this software that includes this function.

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