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I'm trying to get a full unix build environment on my Mac I have installed XCode.

The main reason for this is to get Mono building and it requires configuration.

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The XCode installer already has the unix toolchain. You can get it by checking "UNIX Development" on the "Installation Type" step.

As for Mono, you can get it (framework and/or monodevelop) directly from the official site as an OS X installer:

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Your best bet is probably something like MacPorts. This is a collection of ported linux packages and a package management system. After you install the base system, you can say something like

sudo port install autoconf

This will install autoconf, plus anything that it depends on.

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Now that you have installed the Xcode tools, I would suggest that you install Mono using the MacPorts package manager. Use this command after you install MacPorts:

sudo port install mono

You can build it yourself as well after that but this way you have all the dependencies installed for you. At the very least, it would help to see how MacPorts builds Mono if you would still like to do it yourself.

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