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I have a usability problem with the evernote firefox plugin (the standalone plugin, which is active when the evernote client is not installed on the underlying machine)


In the above screenshot I am entering a new tag named "eve". There are also 2 tags in the system "evernote" and "evolution", which are offered in the dropdown.

There are other similar programs where such cases work nicely (e.g. the interface) but in evernote I somehow don't get it.

When I type the last e of eve and after that a comma, the system thinks I want to use "evolution", which drives me nuts. Please correct me, what am I getting wrong here?

But I cannot find a nice way how to type the words I want (especially new tags that are contained in existing tags!) and not being interrupted by evernotes suggestions, because always the first suggestion is selected and used as soon as I type a comma or a return.

How can I use this nicely?

Edit: I am looking for a solution that only needs the keyboard and the best would be it works without looking at the screen (i just want to type many tags without interacting)

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Hit the Del key before pressing ,

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I didn't notice this problem with the Evernote Plug-in until you pointed it out. Now it bugs me too!

It looks like it's hardwired to place its suggestion in whenever a comma, space, or return key is pressed. The easiest workaround I can think of is to just use a period(.) or semicolon(;) rather than a comma, until all the tags are typed in, and then change them to commas. It's not convenient, but it works.

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