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There is a problem with a partitioning process. Firstly, I've installed Acronis Disk Director Suite and in manual mode I've started to create a new partition. My notebook had 3 partitions: main partition of ~300Gb with Windows installed, unknown "System" partition with "boot" flag of ~1.5Gb and recovery partition of ~8Gb. So I tried to create a new partition using the free space from the first one. After rebooting Acronis started to work, created a new partition and started to replace "HDDRECOVERY" partition. During this process, notebook had been shutdown (it was plugged into the socket) and after turning on, I noticed the next: after turning on and booting BIOS, the laptop is going to reboot again and again and again. Any ideas? P.S.: sorry for the very muddled description

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Boot from a Windows CD and repair or reinstall.

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forget to say. I have only Ubuntu LiveCD at the moment. – Aen Dec 1 '10 at 11:11
So get a Windows disc. Angus has the best solution. – user3463 Dec 1 '10 at 16:25

First of all this not a place to ask your question.

I think one of the reason:

Initial process of your recovery will remove your existing boot manager after copying data to temp. during that time your system got shutdown. Well I thing your boot manager not found now. Please refer here for more info HERE

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