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I'm trying to install Input Director as a master on my work desktop, and slave on my private laptop. Both are on the same wired network, but my laptop cannot join the domain as it is Windows 7 Home Premium. However I doubt this is a domain issue.

My desktop computer name is xyz, domain name, full computer name is From my laptop I get no ping replies from xyz or What do I need to be able to see my computer name from my laptop?

I can't use a direct IP address as I'm on DHCP even on the domain.

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If the two PCs are on the same IP network (check IP address and network mask via ipconfig /all) and you got no replies to ping using the IPs it could be hardware problem or a firewall. If ping works with the IPs but no with the host names it could be a DNS problem. If ping works with host names but you can't see the other PC you could try using the name anyway, sometimes a reachable computer its not visible on the network due to computer browser or network configuration problems/settings.

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Was a firewall issue indeed. – ProfK Dec 2 '10 at 15:29

It isn't possible because of group policy applied to the system. This is very common for security reasons. Check out this Microsoft TechNet page for Domain Isolation with Microsoft Windows Explained.

These days, its all about security. Companies have to protect its customers information and its own interests.

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