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I recently migrated my files(specifically Outlook Archive files <.pst>) from Windows XP on one of my laptops to Windows 7 on the other laptop. Both of the machines have Outlook 2007. My older machines had rules defined to redirect certain mails to my Personal folders.

Here is what I did:
1 > Opened up the Inbox archive file
2 > This created an Archive folder structure in my "All Mail Items" window
3 > I could see all the emails from my old machine under this archive folder.

The issue is, all my new emails that I get on my new machine are redirected to this archived Inbox folder instead of Inbox in Favorite Folder. I did not find any rules defined as well to cause this redirection of emails.

Can anyone please let me know the reason for this and how to fix it?

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Office 2007: Changing the delivery location:

  1. Close Outlook if open
  2. [Click] the Start Button
  3. [Click] the Control Panel
  4. [Click] User Accounts (Missing User Account? See Note 2)
  5. [Click] or [Double-Click] Mail (Missing the Mail Icon? See Note 1)
  6. Mail Setup dialog box should opens
  7. [Click] View or change existing e-mail accounts
  8. [Click] Next
  9. Select Deliver new e-mail to the following location list drop down box
  10. Select new the location you want
  11. [Click] Finish.

Note 1: Icon won't appear unless you have Outlook installed and have run the program at least once.

Note 2: If you are missing User Account that means you are in Classic View. Just skip this step.

Note 3: All these steps should apply to Windows XP Vista and 7.

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That worked for me. Thank you Brian !! – name_masked Dec 1 '10 at 19:30

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