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I am a developer but need to create some graphics! I have the Adobe Illustrator trial which is about to expire. Is there any other application which is less expensive and have the same features as Adobe Illustrator?

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Inkscape is more than enough for the dabbler, and has quite a decent number of features for professionals as well.

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HOLY COW! Inkscape looks amazing! – user13997 Dec 1 '10 at 17:27

I agree with Ignacio that InkScape is the only free alternative.

A good commercial alternative is the not too-costly and well-noted Xara Xtreme ($89).

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With a bit of googling I came accross the following softwares which you might want to try out:

  • Xara for linux (
  • Inkscape for windows, mac and linux (
  • Skencil for linux and unix (
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