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Can a Ubuntu (or any other distro) wake up from standby/hibernate at a preset time?

I actually don't want the PC to consume 200W all the time for just doing something every hour.

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rtcwake is a standard Linux command that enters a standby or sleep state until the specified time. It depends on BIOS support; most current PCs do support it. You can specify either a sleep duration (in seconds) or a wake up date (in seconds since the epoch, as produced by date +%s).

rtcwake -s 3600
rtcwake -t $(date +%s 'now + 1 hour')
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I tried on my compaq and it never even went to speed after the command. My Asus/AMD desktop did go to sleep instantly using " -s 60" but never woke up. – thevikas Dec 4 '10 at 5:00

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