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My organisation has a lot of SSL certificates and managing them is a pain: we need to keep backups of private keys and certificates, keep them secure, deal with certificate renewals (we use different CAs, some of which require a new CSR each time) and occasionally generating new keys, either because we add a new server or because we need to increase the key size.

I suppose it would be possible to write a tool to automate all of the above, but before we commit to doing so, can anyone recommend a tool that does this already? Ideally it'd run on Linux via a command line or web interface.

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You might get much better answers on – Brian Dec 3 '10 at 15:07

I only know of tools that exist for the entire life cycle of a CA for example Windows Certification Services.

If however you are using a third party CA and simply want to keep good record from Linux, I would highly recommend you simply organise your current system.

When working with certificates I do something along the following:

Folder called CSR - keeps the requests Folder called Public - keeps the public keys Folder called Private - Keeps the private keys

all files called xxxxxx.crt / xxxxxx.pem etc, where x is the next available number - keep them the same so 000001.crt is the public certificate to 000001.pem's private key.

Keep an up to date spreadsheet / database in the root folder that simply has the number in one column and details, expiry and any other relevant information in the next.

For a spreadsheet, this shouldn't take more than a few minutes to set up, but If you were to use a small database, you can probably build a little (but nice) DB in less than an hour that can do nice reports such as expiry warnings etc.

I think that this system could work out well for you.

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With no other tool than google, here are some possibilities:

Venafi Digital Certificate Management & Encryption Key Management
Trustwave Certificate Lifecycle Manager

Both these products handle discovery, analysis, alerting and management.

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