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I'm using screen, and I have several aliases in my ~/.bash_profile, for example python=python-2.6. But for some reasons these aliases don't work when I work in screen. How can I make them work?

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I want to open multiple new windows in screen and execute my alias in each of those, ie, "screen -t window1 my_alias". Any idea how to do that? – cat pants May 5 '13 at 17:46
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.bash_profile gets run when in a login shell. You'll probably want to put your aliases in the .bashrc file. Or you could just execute your .bash_profile each time that you start up a shell in screen

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Use the -l option to bash in your .screenrc to start your screen session's bash shells as login shells:

screen bash -l
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Add this line to your ~/.screenrc file:

shell -/bin/bash

The initial dash executes the shell with login option

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If you run exec bash after you start up screen, they will work

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