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I search a flexible reliable maling system. Preferrable MySql+PHP and Opensource, so I can costmize and extend it myself.

I don't need anything fancy or a pretty interface, but it should be robust/solid and reliable.

  • This means it should have some sort of background batch processing by cronjob or something.

  • It should have logging systems to resume if something breaks and doesn't send duplicate mails.

  • There need to be account groups to send Mails to desired people only.

  • It needs functions to import and synchronise emails in groups by csv/xml or something.

  • Sender address and stuff should be flexible.

  • It should dynamically add link paramters for tracking back clicks (google analytics)

  • It should have unsubscribe features and lists

  • It doesnt need to have some fancy WYSIWYG editor but should be able to handle raw html templates.

  • Sending methods, paramters (like -f paramter) should be specifyable. (Config file is enough)

  • It would also be great to have contact group synchronisation functions where i can call an external api or request an external url where a document is served for importing

I think you get it.

Any ideas?

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I just have a question, this OpenEmm is this for free? –  tintincutes Jan 4 '11 at 5:47
FREE OPEN SOURCE APPLICATION FOR E-MAIL MARKETING (quoted from the website, first big text line on the start page) –  Joe Hopfgartner Jan 5 '11 at 1:09

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I know this has been answered already, but in the interest of completeness, another solution for this is phpList. It's open source and uses PHP/MySQL.

From the phpList site:

phplist is the world's most popular open source email campaign manager. phplist is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website. phplist is downloaded more than 10,000 times per month.

Apparently it has less features but is easier to extend than OpenEMM. I've never used OpenEMM.

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+1 yeah, we finally chose php list becuase openeem had a very old structure. it erquired manual renaming of standard logfiles to wok etc and is a huge application that is deeply integrated into the system which is just overkill for this purpose –  Joe Hopfgartner Mar 26 '11 at 12:10


"OpenEMM is a feature-rich enterprise software for e-mail marketing, newsletters and service mails (transaction mails and event or time triggered mails). OpenEMM offers sophisticated bounce management, link tracking, lots of realtime statistics, a CMS module and a scripting feature to implement individual tasks.

OpenEMM is the first open source application for e-mail marketing. Its code base has been developed since 1999 and is used (as part of the commercial ASP product E-Marketing Manager) by companies like IBM, Siemens, Click&Buy and Deutsche Telekom. "

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