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I just got a 27" Cinema Display and it seems like I could be using the workspace more efficiently in Dreamweaver. It would be great to be able to edit the HTML file and CSS file for a given page without switching windows, and also be able to see the effects on the site in real-time with Live View. I know there's a CSS panel, but I prefer to edit by hand in the code view. I've Googled around a bit but haven't found any solutions so far. I hope its possible...


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The best you can do, I believe, is to open Window > Code Inspector and manually arrange it so you have three views next to each other. It's one of the shortcomings that really bug me as well.

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Using Code Inspector may not help as it echoes the same code content of the code view. You could double+click another code file (could be a css, js or a php) in the File Window/panel. The file will be loaded in a separate code window. Now got to Window and choose Tile Horizontally or Vertically/

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