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I have my Gmail account set up as IMAP and use Mac Mail on 10.6.

When I post as a member to a Google group using my gmail address, I do not get my copy back from the google group in Mac Mail. I do see everyone else's posts to the group including ones where people respond to my posting.

I know the email I sent arrives at the google group by looking at my gmail account via the web where I see the copy I get back from google groups to my gmail account.

Does any one have any idea? Anyone else have this problem?

I tend to get the feeling that this is a bug in gmail/google groups.

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Isn't your copy in Gmail's Sent Items (rather than the Inbox)? – Arjan Dec 3 '10 at 20:33
To whoever voted to migrate this question to WebApps: the question is about using web services in conjunction with Mail.App, which is regular computer software. Therefore, I would say that it is a valid, on-topic question for SuperUser and should remain. – nhinkle Dec 4 '10 at 0:17

Typically the way it works is that Google Groups receives the email, and is smart enough to know that since you sent the email, you don't need another copy sent back to you. In some cases a group might be configured to send you a copy of emails you submitted, which would show up in your Gmail online interface. However, since you sent the email, it won't download to your inbox. Gmail does not download emails to your mail client which you have sent to yourself, unless you have it set to download all mail from the past x days. This should apply to any email sent to your email from your own email; try it by composing an email to yourself and seeing if that works.

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