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How can I set up Cream to use Vim's vibrantink colour scheme?

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look into the cream-files, escpecially cream-colors.vim. scroll down a bit and then add a new block of code (copyNpaste) around line 156:

elseif mychoice == "zenburn"
    call Cream_source($CREAM . "cream-colors-zenburn.vim")
    " if called, change selection, too (otherwise don't change)
    if exists("a:1")
         call Cream_colors_selection("zenburn")
    elseif exists("g:CREAM_COLORS_SEL")
         call Cream_colors_selection(g:CREAM_COLORS_SEL)
    let mychoice = "cream"

add a new section block and replace "cream-colors-zenburn.vim" with the colorscheme you want. do not forget to put that theme into the cream folder.

then open cream-menu-settings.vim and take a look around lines 395:

" color schemes (Cream)
if exists("g:CREAM_COLORS") && g:CREAM_COLORS == "cream"
    execute 'anoremenu  60.633 &Settings.P&references.&Color\ Themes.' . s:on . 'Cream\ (default)    :call Cream_colors("cream")'
    execute 'anoremenu  60.633 &Settings.P&references.&Color\ Themes.' . s:off . 'Cream\ (default)    :call Cream_colors("cream")'

apply the same logic for your theme. that should bring up your color theme up and running in cream.

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