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I have a computer in UK, connected to internet but behind a firewall. I can remote desktop it using Logmein.

Now currently I am in UAE. Due to their censorship policies, I can't access certain websites/software.

What I want to do is somehow 'instruct' my computer here to 'access' my computer in UK for all its internet needs. This way I will be able to bypass the

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Which operating systems do you have on these computers? – harrymc Dec 4 '10 at 16:47

Is tor available in UAE? If you can hit tor you can get to almost anything...even better is using a tor hidden service. It is slow though.

If you want to not use tor, you can use proxychains instead like so:

proxychains commandname

you would need to configure the appropriate proxy server address and protocol and start a proxy server on your UK PC.

another options is to proxy through ssh

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Or use a VPN proxy service

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