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My Google-fu is failing me utterly. I'll walk through an example of the problem with the app Office2 HD however I have the exact same issue with other apps too such as Goodreader. I'm sure this is:

1) A user problem (hi!) or; 2) Itunes being a pain

I Have the app Office2 HD on my iPad. I have created a folder tree on my IPad using Office2 HD. I have multiple 'top level' folders with a variety of Office2 HD docs inside them.

When I have iTunes open and select my iPad device I can go to the app tab. Towards the bottom of that screen is a 'File Sharing' option and it lists the apps that have files to share, including Office2 HD. When I click that app a list of my folders appears to the right but I cannot drill down in them. What am I doing wrong? I can rename the folder by single clicking their names but can't find a way to drill down into those folders within iTunes. Double clicking the name or icon for each folder doesn't do anything.

iPad is running 4.2.1, iTunes is version

What am I missing, superuser? :)

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I don't think you can using iTunes. But you want to try it with third party app like this:

But again, this is one of iOS devices limitations. Can you try deleting it from the app itself instead of from iTunes?

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Thanks, I had a suspicion it s an iOS limitation. The link was exactly what I needed, appreciated :) – chillster01uk Dec 12 '10 at 17:00

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