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At home, I have two routers, each one connected to a different ISP. However, they're both really unstable, since ISP A may sometimes stop working for 5 minutes and ISP B has horrible speeds at night.

I am a gamer so I really can't have this kind of interrumptions, but changing ISPs is out of my hands right now. At this time, when I have a problem I just unplug and plug the net cable to the other router; but by the 3rd broken cable you realise that there must be a better solution.

I have a hud switch at home, so my idea is to connect my computer and both routers to it. But how can i configure Windows to work with conflicting IPs or some other issue? And where can I change connections (like you can with Wifi).

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Home? Gamer? Consumer ISPs? Better luck on SU. – jscott Dec 5 '10 at 15:12
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You would need to recycle an old computer you have laying around and install Vyatta on it, as it can do WAN load balancing.

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Some OpenWRT-like firmware had load balancing stuff too. – kagali-san Dec 5 '10 at 17:18

It would be easier for you to buy router which supports connecting 2 WAN connections. There are plenty of routers like that. Just pick one and it will do all the work for switching between 1 ISP and another automatically. Problem is how it should decide one is better then the other. This may be a bit tricker but it's still a better solutions then having 2 separate routers and juggling with cables or doing ROUTE changing in Windows with 2 ethernet cards connected.

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