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I'm creating a family in Revit 2011, I've imported some timber framing components and placed a series of instances into the model.

I then placed a reference plane at each end of the timber framing and aligned them with the two planes and locked them. I expected to be able to move one reference plane and the timber would stretch to suit, however the timber wants to keep its existing lenght and so Revit throws up an error.

How can i make the timber stretch with the reference

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1st. In most cases you will need to have the length parameter inside the nested (term for family loaded inside family) set as 'instance'.

2nd. Make sure that the dimensions in the nested family are referencing 'Reference Lines' or 'Reference Planes' to expose them to the host family (references to geometry will not be accessible in the host family).

3nd. when aligning the framing to your reference planes ensure that you are aligning to a 'reference' (information of preselected object is in the bottom left) not geometry.

Hope this helps

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