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I have a Python script that is run like this:

scriptname --param_a=123 --param_b=423 --param_c=xyz

The script expects to be passed three parameters

I have a (configuration) text file, that contains the parameters. I want to write a Bash script (my first), that will use the entries in the file to pass the parameters to the script.

For example if the configuration text file contains the following data:

--param_a=123 --param_b=423 --param_c=xyz
--param_a=203 --param_b=343 --param_c=abz
--param_a=976 --param_b=891 --param_c=abc

Then I want to call the script (3 times) once for each line in the config file, and pass the parameters to the script.

Can anyone suggest how to write such a Bash script.

I intend to run the script on an Ubuntu system

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while read -r -a array
    scriptname "${array[@]}"
done < configfile


while read -r line
    scriptname $line
done < configfile

The advantage to the first one is if your config file had commas, for example, between the parameters instead of spaces:


you could do:

while IFS=, read -r -a array
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wow - thanks! – Takashi Dec 6 '10 at 18:18

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