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We have a LDAP server and lots working servers. Our user's info are in LDAP . But sudoers list is stored in /etc/sudoers. Now the question is, how to store sudoers list in LDAP so that there is a center control of it?

We are using Fedora 12 on both LDAP server and working servers.

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Follow the official instructions from README.LDAP, and the sudoers.ldap manual page.

  1. Make sure sudo is built with LDAP support.
  2. Update the LDAP schema.
  3. Import sudoers file into LDAP.
  4. Configure the sudoers service in nsswitch.conf.
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Add sudo entry like below

dn: ou=sudoers,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com
ou: sudoers
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalUnit

dn: cn=sudogroup,ou=sudoers,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: sudoRole
cn: sudogroup
sudoUser: thomas
sudoHost: ALL
sudoRunAs: ALL
sudoCommand: ALL

Add sudoers_base in ldap.conf for client.

sudoers_base ou=sudoers,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com

& Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf like below

sudoers : files ldap
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