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I'm editing a very large document in Open Office Writer and I basically have to jump between three different positions in the file.

When using Vim for plain text editing, I can set up marks and jump to them easily. Is there a similar functionality in Open Office? If so, how can I use it?

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Yes, there is a way to achieve this (I'm using Open Office 3.2).

  • Define three "text markers" (I'm using German UI, so the phrases may differ).
  • In the menu choose insert -> text marker (between caption/label and cross reference).
  • Give those markers names as you need it.

To quickly jump to these markers:

  • In the bottom right corner of your writer window (below the vertical scrollbar), there are three buttons: arrows up, a circle and arrows down.
  • Click the circle button
  • A popup appears. Select the icon for the text markers. The window closes.
  • Now each time you click one of the arrow buttons the cursor will jump to the next/previous marker.
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Excellent, do you know if there is any key combination for the jumps? – Jacobo de Vera Dec 6 '10 at 18:02
There is none by default, but you can define your own shortcuts. Menu Extras, then cusomize. – Martin Dec 6 '10 at 19:58

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