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Due to some changes in our company, one of my colleagues wants to send emails using a colleague's email address, but not receive any emails. When I configure Outlook with an IMAP account, I'm prompted for both incoming and outgoing servers.

How do I set up Outlook to only send, but not receive emails?

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Outlook has Send and Receive Groups, with appropriate checkboxes to enable and disable Incoming and Outgoing options when you do a Send and Receive.

I don't have Outlook installed on this machine, but it's under the Accounts area, or Tools menu on older versions.

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Select the "Send/Receive" Tab within Outlook select "Send/Receive Groups" drop down Menu Select "Define Send/Receive Groups" Click Edit Select Each configured account then uncheck "Receive mail items" under Account Options.

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In what way is this different from the existing answer? – Chenmunka Mar 17 '14 at 14:53

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