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I have Windows 7 x64 installed along with Adobe Reader X, Photoshop CS5, and Illustrator CS5. I have noticed that these dont have a thumbnail generated for them. What I need is an All-in-One Thumbnail Viewer for .ai, .psd, .pdf, .eps, etc. I prefer freeware or a registry hack of some sort. I dont want to spend money just to view a thumbnail.


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I found http://www.xnview.com/ does the job perfectly.


Another option is described here. The article is from 2008 though, so probably predates your version of Photoshop.

It involves downloading a DLL and installing it in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell\ as well as running a .reg file.


This is an old question, but I feel a better solution is the free SageThumb: https://code.google.com/p/sagethumbs/

I've just installed it and it works well for the formats you list (Win7 x64).


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