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I installed a plugin for Windows Explorer that show a direct link to computer and the C:/ drive, now I want to uninstall this plugin but I cannot recall the name of the plugin and I could not find this plugin in Programs and Feature.

How could I uninstall this plugin?

alt text

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It looks like the '7Plus' application is running on your system.

The 7Plus tool has a feature to enable the same options in Windows Explorer. The application calls this feature 'fast folders'.

enter image description here

To remove any save fast folders (in this example, 'Downloads' and 'C:):

  1. Expand the notifications area to reveal all hiden icons
  2. Click on the icon for the 7Plus application (it looks like a blue + symbol) enter image description here
  3. Select 'Fast folders' from the menu enter image description here
  4. Click on the 'Remove custom Explorer buttons' button.

To remove the 7Plus application:

  1. With the 7Plus settings window open
  2. Select Introducation from the menu
  3. Untick 'Autorun 7plus on Windows startup'
  4. Click 'OK' to save the changes
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