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My machine is taking ages to get from the login screen after booting to actually showing the GNOME desktop (as in, over a minute). It seems as though it is just waiting for a long period of that time . This has been a problem for a long time. The bootchart is available - any ideas what might be causing this?

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do you have home folder encryption enabled? – Jonathan Dec 7 '10 at 6:23
No, no encryption – David Fraser Dec 7 '10 at 6:38

You may want to ask this in AskUbuntu but usually the first thing you do is run dmesg | less and see if you find any errors. If you have already done this and/or some other troubleshooting steps then I apologize for stating the obvious but please share what you found so far.

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AskUbuntu is a good idea:… – David Fraser Dec 7 '10 at 6:41
I have checked dmesg and see no errors - I'd expect that to be more of a problem on initial boot; my slowness seems to happen on login to Gnome – David Fraser Dec 7 '10 at 6:42
You wouldn't happen to have login scripts/apps on session startup? – Marlon Dec 7 '10 at 7:03

Insert "*.debug /var/log/debug.log" to your syslog configuration, and re-examine it for detail information.

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I upgraded to a new machine (4-core hyperthreaded instead of dual-core), transferred my OS and home partitions to the new hard drive. No delay on login any more. It seems this laptop was just way too slow.

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